Open for Making, A Residency for Creativity

Open for Making, A Residency for Creativity, 2009

Open for Making was an public art residency program that was inspired by my trip to The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada where I met with Paul Butler, Director of the Creative Residency Reverse Pedagogy at Banff in November, 2008.  Once back home in San Francisco, I designed a residency program that would take place at Triple Base Gallery every Saturday for five weeks. The goal of these residency was to create an inspiring and productive environment for creative thinking – even if only for one day.

Each day was organized with varied programs and special guests from the community.   This innovative residency program was molded from art school, working directly with practicing artists, embracing new fields of study and by examining alternative teaching models.

The Art of Change: The Influence of Rock Music and Art on Social Change - San Francisco City Hall

The Art of Change: The Influence of Rock Music and Art on Social Change                                     San Francisco City Hall, 2009

As part of the ongoing Art at City Hall program, I worked for the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery to present an exclusive multi-media exhibition featuring iconic photography, rock and roll poster art, and live music memorabilia. Wolfgang’s Vault is the world’s largest collection of live concert recordings and music memorabilia, which includes the vast archive of Bay Area music promoter Bill Graham. The San Francisco Bay Area has long been a hotbed for social activism and inventive musical performances and the materials included in this exhibition reveal the stories that have both contributed to and documented significant social changes of the past five decades. 

From Mind to Hand

From Mind to Hand: Artists and Graphology,  -  with Graphologist: Susanne Shapiro

Artists: Jim Drain, John Dwyer, Erica Eyres, Tara Lisa Foley, Jona Frank, Bryson Gill, Sam Gordon, Frank Haines, Todd Hido, Xylor Jane, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Philippe Halsman, Tom Marioni, Ester Partegas, Jon Rubin, Kyle Mock, Myles Langlois, Scott Snibbe and Jeffrey Vallance


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