From Mind to Hand

From Mind to Hand: Artists and Graphology, 2007 - Graphologist: Susanne Shapiro

We invited Los Angeles-based graphologist and musician Susanne Shapiro to interpret the handwriting of a varied group of contemporary artists: Jim Drain, John Dwyer, Erica Eyres, Tara Lisa Foley, Jona Frank, Bryson Gill, Sam Gordon, Frank Haines, Todd Hido, Xylor Jane, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Philippe Halsman, Tom Marioni, Ester Partegas, Jon Rubin, Kyle Mock, Myles Langlois, Scott Snibbe and Jeffrey Vallance. The original handwriting samples and Ms. Shapiro’s analyses were on exhibit alongside images of the artists’ work.

Typically, a critical analysis of an artist’s work is made by art historians, curators, and art critics. In many cases these individuals rely heavily on their own method of analysis intermixed with studies based in critical theory, psychology, and philosophy. As the field of art practice continues to deepen and intertwine itself to the various areas of study and critical thought, this exhibition investigated another form of analysis.