Partial Views: Recoding Sacred Objects - Centennial Exhibition for Manresa Gallery

Partial Views: Recoding Sacred Objects, 2015

Rebeca Bollinger, Todd Bura, Bryson Gill and Ranu Mukherjee responded both to parish archival material and also to the liturgical objects themselves through a process of investigative storytelling and poetic gestures. The artists offered alternate visual styles and materiality the existing art works and commissions. While transposing their reactions into other media, the artists sustained a balance between the known and the unknowable, the earthly and the heavenly. Each conversant object imparts a partial view of a larger whole often not seen, underplayed or easily lost from sight.

This exhibition was created in honor of the Centennial of St. Ignatius Church at her current site, Manresa Gallery builds upon a long history of commissions dating back to the 19th century. In Partial Views four artists engaged the themes, styles and functions of various objects long associated with sacred rituals at St. Ignatius Church.