Triple Base Gallery - Select Solo Exhibitions - 2005-2011

Co-Director/ Owner 2005- 2011 Triple Base invigorated the local art community with experimental art exhibitions and provide emerging artists with artistic mentorship and financial support through ar; t sales and funding through grants. The mission statement aligned with curatorial interests in site-specificity and the desire to provide new opportunities for local emerging artists. We aimed to foster exchanges between a growing network of national and international artistic communities which we believed believed to be one of the best ways to support the careers of emerging artists. Triple Base strove to give an artist the time, space, and resources to create thought-provoking artwork that was accessible to the diverse audience that Triple Base attracted, located along the 24th Street Corridor. The intimate nature of Triple Base’s approach was increasingly more rare as the art world expanded and globalized like never before. We provided an experimental exhibition space for ambitious and dedicated artists to take their work a step further and challenge themselves in their practice.

Represented Artists: Todd Bura, Michelle Blade, Bryson Gill,  Rachel Kaye, Jay Nelson, Kyle Mock, Serena Cole, and Hilary Lynn Pecis.