The Festival of the Impossible - June 8th, 9th and 10th - 2018

The first Festival of the Impossible was a three-day exhibition showcasing select creative works that explored art and technology and further activated Minnesota Street Project, an organization grounded in the San Francisco Arts Community. Festival works were housed in five distinctly marked spaces surrounded by the existing contemporary art galleries that reside full time.

The Festival of the Impossible is pushing past the boundaries of reality with the intent to inspire our audience. In 2018 we presented familiar artistic media such as sculpture, film, and performance alongside emerging Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies, so they can combine and share space. We wanted to give visitors the opportunity to dream, imagine, and inhabit the impossible using the newest media that existed.

Our exhibition supports a collection of creative and innovative makers that produced artwork explicitly for this event. The works are designed to directly engage and activate the viewer.

The oversight in this exhibition process was linked to creative art practice –challenging makers to think about how people will feel when interacting with what they have built.

Many artists are known to be critical thinkers as well as skilled makers in the world. In order to provide more insight into their thinking, we included text near each artwork written in the artist’s own voice, explaining why their work fits into the Impossible theme.

Technology is just another tool and we want to encourage people to keep asking questions as to what is possible and be open to new media that can help in that exploration. The weekend exhibition was built to connect and inspire us all to remain receptive to new ways of thinking while also celebrating how far we’ve come.

ARTISTS and Project Overview:

Estella Tse - Estella is exploring the intersections of art + technology + impactful storytelling using VR/AR technology. Her backgrounds include: web design + front-end development, sociology, and illustration + visual design.

Anna Landa w/ Joel Ogden - Their work is an attempt to highlight the subjectivity of human perception. From deconstructing the visual process to analyzing one's relationship to time, The goal is to create works that interrogate the firmly held notions of an ‘objective truth’.

Suzanne Husky - Problems relating to the exploitation of natural resources, landscape use, and globalization are at the core of Husky's multimedia practice. From sculpture to drawings, action and photography, her work questions mainstream media in relation to its environmental, social and political agenda.

Elaine Buckholtz- Elaine Buckholtz utilizes video and light in relation to sculptural forms, digital prints, and preexisting sites in architecture and nature often under the cover of darkness. Her most recent explores optical and phenomenological experiences within immersive environments. 

Neil Mendoza - Neil’s work uses digital and mechanical technologies to bring inanimate objects and spaces to life. Using this medium, he explores the absurd, the humorous, the futile and the surreal.

Milton Menezes With over 15 years of professional experience, Milton started as a Fine Arts student, Designer and Art Director. Today at Lightfarm, he is directing and working with the Photoshop and Photography teams for the the world's biggest brands such as Audi, Heineken, Armani, Samsung, New Balance and so on

Erik Kimberly w/ Callie MacSaylor. Erik studied fundamental design theory and is mapping these concepts to co-inside with a painted image created by artist, MacSaylor.

Russell Preston Brown With over 33 years of creative experience at Adobe,Russell has contributed to the evolution of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with feature enhancements, and advanced scripts. He is the Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated as well as an Emmy Award-winning instructor. 

Vladimir Petkovic w/ Vuk Nikolic – Vladimir is a Serbian-born CG artist, who lives and works in California. He has had a career of diverse and unexpected experiences, working in the game, motion picture, retail, and tech industries.

Judit Navratil - Judit's works are mindmaps of different levels of consciousness, comparing the collective subconscious with the very personal stories and memories of a person - examining archetypes, structures, network systems and the tiny miracles of nature.

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo - Gabriel is a mixed media artist whose work focuses on collections, memorialization and the act of leaving one's digital imprint for the next generation.

Stuart Lynch Stuart is a 3D generalist with a background in motion graphics and photorealism. His work in emerging VR/AR technologies pulls inspiration from nature, science fiction, architecture and concept design. He is originally from the UK, and has worked as an artist in San Francisco for nearly 20 years.

Can Buyukberber - Can is a visual artist working on immersive audiovisual experiences blurring boundries between physical and digital spaces. His practice consists of experiments with virtual/augmented reality, projection mapping, geodesic domes, large-scale displays and digital fabrication. Driven by an interdisciplinary thinking which extends to art, design and science, his work focuses on human perception, exploring new methods for non-linear narratives and emergent forms.