I have been curating art exhibitions since 2005 and for six years I owned a contemporary art space in San Francisco called Triple Base Gallery.  As the Co-Director of Triple Base, I curated numerous exhibitions with a focus on solo projects that utilized the idea of site specific-work – the intent was to challenge the artist as well as the viewer. Currently I am working for Adobe on a project called The Festival of the Impossible - designed to inspire as well as bridge the gap between contemporary art and technology. I am also the Creative Partner for the Storefront Institute.

Living in San Francisco since 2004, I worked on many other projects as I held positions with The San Francisco Arts Commission, The SFAC Gallery, and Yerba Buena Center for Arts. One of the most unique positions was my role as the Creative Director for Manresa Gallery, which focused on contemporary art commissions that supported Interfaith Dialogue. Manresa Gallery is located on the University of San Francisco Campus inside St. Ignatius Church.

The exhibitions I enjoy working on the most, challenge the artists I work with to push themselves and their ideas.  I am most proud of the installations that can offer the viewer an alternative means of interpreting a given subject, for I adhere strongly to the belief that exhibitions can be powerful tools used to support the exploration of ideas and new ways of thinking.