Sunday is for Lovers

 I developed a coinciding Event Series  called “Sunday is for Lovers” that supported Elyse Mallouk’s exhibition, Notes for an Open Score which was an experiment in the limits of sentimental expression.  Mallouk  reduced romance novels and pop love songs to their most basic elements: words, rhythm, tempo and intonation, so that their sentiment was made to bleed, silent and be suspended. The event series included  live music and poetry readings that revolved around the theme of LOVE.  Performances included: Little Wings, Magic! Magic Roses, Assateague, The Old Thunderhearts, The Lambs, Heidi Alexander, [45isdistance], and Marc Dantona,.  Roger Niner led the closing of each Sunday evening with karaoke sessions where attendees could serenade the public from the gallery's storefront windows.