Full Moon Meditations and Walks – Artist Ali Naschke- Messing

Ali Naschke-Messing created See-Through-Silence as part of Thresholds of Faith: Four Entries into the Beyond. As a practicing Buddhist, she built a installation open to moments of quite reflection and offer to lead meditation "sits" each full moon throughout  the exhibition.  

At the opening reception quite a few visitors, from differing faith backgrounds, mentioned to me that that they had always wanted to walk inside St. Ignatius to see the grandeur, but they felt as if they might be intruding- simply because they were not Catholic. As a way to support open dialogue and extend the church's graces, Ali  and I were given access to take some of the meditation sessions throughout "non public" parts of the church architecture.  Walking meditations allowed people to focus on breath, foot cadence, the use of light and the changing sound patterns of the entire building - people could see that meditation practice has no spacial boundaries. In addition, the gallery was activated with curious and mindful visitors who were open to understanding the history of the space and able to experience the benefits of meditation.